Adding a Wall Mural to Your Home Office

It should come as no surprise that the functionality of your home office is paramount to your small business success. A purposefully and beautifully appointed home office is inviting to your senses and can stimulate productivity as well. The addition of a wall mural is an easy, cost-effective, and fun decorating idea.If you think about it, decorating your home office can seem a bit daunting. Images of papers, gadgets, wires, and Post-It notes galore strewn about are not exactly the most relished or relaxing; yet, this is precisely what many home offices have fallen victim to.Start out by setting aside a good chunk of time to tweak your organization skills. De-cluttering your room is the best place to start. A cluttered office is not conducive to productivity, by the way. As well, de-cluttering is the simplest and most effective way to create an immediate feeling of calm. It really doesn’t take all that much time (unless you are a real pack rat), and your de-cluttering thereafter should only take five to ten minutes a day.Once your room is no longer a mess, give it a thorough cleaning. Don’t forget to dust the walls, ceiling, light fixtures, and electronics (keyboards can get really gross!) in addition to your usual cleaning regimen. Before you finish, don’t forget to wipe down phones, computer mice, keyboards, doorknobs, and anything else you handle frequently with antibacterial wipes. Now you can concentrate on creating a more appealing workspace.A wall mural is the perfect choice for adding visual appeal to an otherwise blank or uninteresting wall. Opt for a feast for the eyes while waiting for that fax or email. This is definitely preferable and less nerve-wracking than staring into blank space. Contemplating a beautiful depiction of a serene Japanese temple or mountain stream can give you a mental boost during those annoying down times (such as listening to canned music while waiting for a human to pick up the line) in your typical working day.Wall murals are easy to install or, if you choose, they can be installed professionally. The nice thing about the addition of a mural is that it immediately transforms the entire look of the home office. This alone accomplishes the bulk of the redecorating project, so it is really both cost and time-effective.Once your mural is installed, use the scene as a focal point for your home office decorating. Visit brand name discount stores like Home Goods, TJMaxx, and Marshall’s. Here you can find lamps, desk accessories, clocks, faux plants, and other items that are interesting and complimentary without breaking your budget.What a wonderful home office you have now!

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